C.O.G. Setting: ReZion

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This is a game setting using the C.O.G. system. It's 1970's Israel, except really, really not. In this version of reality, the USA and USSR had a minor exchange of nuclear weapons on October 27th 1962, but the rest of the world hunkered down and just let it happen. The result was to transform most of North America and Northern Eurasia 3rd world nations punctuated with uninhabitable radioactive deserts that used to be cities. In the aftermath, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, and Australia became the world's primary economies. The salient effect for game purposes is that Israel is essentially isolated with very little external help, and the Middle East in general has several orders of magnitude less economic power due to very minimum global interest in fossil fuels.


Humans. Period.



Money System



Basic healing for humans is 1 stamina per week.

A healer (Medic, or another occupation with basic Heal ability) can improve that to 1D6 per week (per bonus). Not great, but it's better than nothing. It can involve using herbs or poultices or surgeries or splints or whatever the hell the healing character can role-play. The essential cusp of this is the understanding of physiology and functional biology.

The only redeeming quirk is that surgeons - either 2nd stage medics or medic/biologist - with actual surgical gear can restore half of a being's lost stamina in a couple hours.


Not even a little.