Crocaloid Major

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Dude reptile hover.jpg
StrengthLow (2) - Exceptional (5)
SpeedSlow (1) - Exceptional (5)
AgilityClumsy (1) - High (4)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Average (3)
Size2 - 3 m., 100 - 200 kg.
Skill Adjustment+1

The Crocaloid Majors are the most common type of Reptiloid; indeed, they are the most common type of being almost everywhere in the known galaxies. Crocaloid Majors are a highly adaptable species, being able to flourish in most types of climate. They are also prolific breeders, which combined with their robustness, make them a highly populous species. While never in the forefront as a political force, Crocaloids have always been in the background. Throughout the founding of the Confederation and the Galactic Wars that followed, the majority of the armies were made up of this hearty species. During the expansion eras, these beings tended to out compete other species in colonising efforts in terms of population. This has left the known galaxies with a very significant portion of its population as Crocaloid Majors.

A Crocaloid Major is the second largest of the Reptiloids. They are full bipeds, have an elongated snout, an immense maw filled with sharp teeth, and a long lashing tail. They are the least intelligent of the group and their speed and agility tend to be lower as well. In a lot of ways, a Crocaloid Major is at a disadvantage when compared with other species in terms of physical and mental abilities. However, this has forced individual Crocaloid Majors to rely on acquired skills rather than physical abilities. In the less safe regions of space where combat is a way of life, they can be easily underestimated. Also, because of their sheer numbers they can easily blend into a crowd. Most other species have a difficult time distinguishing individual Crocaloids as they have limited physical variations.