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Daemons are one of the most immense sentient bipeds in known space. Their bipedal frame includes huge bat-like wings, thick hooves, a long thin tail, and curved back horns. Their skin comes in three varieties of colours: red, amber and black. Their faces often include fangs or tusks. They have a millennia long life expectancy, and only reach adulthood at 200 years. The females of the species can only give birth once every fifty years, and all members of the race hibernate for 40% to 50% of each year.

A Daemon has a powerful telekinetic mentally based ability. A healthy adult can produce 20,000 N of force with their mind. However, they lack intricate manipulating ability with their power. A latent part of the telekinesis is always present, causing breezes to hurricane force winds, depending on the emotional state of the Daemon involved. They also have the ability to gain regular stages in mentalist.

Daemons originated from the planet Guyron, located in the Andromeda galaxy. Upon first contact with the indigenous species of the Confederation galaxies, the Daemon's protective nature caused them to eradicate the unfortunate settlers that discovered their home world. At the time, the Confederation was just starting to have its problems with the third and second galaxies, so it was too involved with its own problems to notice the disappearance of a few thousand settlers.

As time passed, the Daemons grew more and more concerned with the tiny creatures that were becoming more and more numerous in their region of space. Finally, when the Confederation opened a fold space and started it's exodus to Andromeda, the Daemons decided to eliminate this threat once and for all. Unfortunately for the Daemons, they had no idea the fire power on the Confederation cruisers. A brief battle was fought, with most of the Daemon ships being destroyed. The rest decided to try and destroy the portal that was allowing these invaders into Andromeda. They charged the fold space opening that was still exuding Confederation ships. Unfortunately, a Confederation G1 cruiser was nearby and blasted them with an energy grone as they went through.

About three hundred Daemons survived the battle, and when they managed to get their ships operational again, the Confederation fleet was gone and the fold space was destroyed. The Daemons were stranded in the First Galaxy.