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1D3005 kg
2D55010 kg
3D70035 kg

A disruptor emits an accurate beam of long-wave radiation which has a violent effect on any liquid. Liquid molecules affected not only rapidly expand in evaporation, but also churn in random helical paths.

The beam is capable of passing through any armour of any scale, and is stoppable only by an energy shield. The weapon is only minimally effective on robots and equipment - always inflicting minimum damage on every hit.

The disruptor is considered by many to be the most unsavoury weapon of all time. The horrible effect on the target is that the pain felt is equivalent to 5 times the weapon's damage. A referee may choose to apply a willpower check to see if the target is stunned by the wave of pain - on any hit, not just the vitals. A being hit in the vitals with a disruptor earns one stress point if they fail a willpower check (roll two dice and try to get below their willpower), as they resist the urge to thrash around in hellish agony.


  • Effective Range: 385 m
  • Accurate Range (1-handed): 95
  • Accurate Range (2-handed): 150
  • Force: 0
  • Armour Rating: Ignoring
  • Stamina: 20