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A mining/processing facility mines the raw metals and hydrocarbons and creates a densely packed mass of nanoscopic robots. Typically we wouldn't care about the mining process - it's one of those things that 'just happen' in AIF, like the money system. The dynomer it produces is what is sold to the technicians and they are able to fashion it into whatever their minds can conceive - assuming they have appropriate tools available.

The cost of the dynomer would fluctuate depending on where you are in the universe. A NastiDyne controlled planet next to a asteroid mine would probably have abundant dynomer available and the cost would be low. A backwater world in the middle of nowhere, or a planet in the middle of a warzone would probably have more scarce dynomer, and therefore more expensive.

Say for a rule of thumb, each unit of dynomer costs:

  • Scarce: 10 credits
  • Average: 5 credits
  • Abundant: 1 credit

Obviously, this would be ref discretion.

Dynomer would come in three types - personel, intermediate, and ship. Cost would be 10x the previous level. The three types would not be interchangable.

How Much Dynomer?

How much Dynomer it requires to build something would depend on two things - the mass of the item produced, and it's complexity. Weapons and equipment would have a fixed amount that could be listed along side the cost or the stages to build. Robots would be a simple mass/10 x points in the custom being generator.

So, a robot massing 100 kg using 30 points in the generator would require 300 units of dynomer. In an average dynomer availablity, it would cost 1,500.


When building a robot, I think you'd be able to take an existing robot and extract material from it. I don't think you'd be able to revert it back into dynomer, but you could use parts to reduce the amount of dynomer you need in a new robot. Say for an intact robot, the parts would be equivalent to half of the original dynomer used. For a destroyed robot, anywhere from 0 to 10% of the original dynomer used (again, ref discretion).