Frenzied Action

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If a character is in a desperate situation, the player may choose to give them an extra action in a round. Possible actions include attacking, stealth, movement, tampering, healing, or anything else the character may do that requires dice. Not available are defensive rolls - ducking or parrying.

Frenzied actions are closely related to Stress Points, both as a requirement and a consequence. The requirements for being able to perform a frenzied action are:

  • Your number of stress points must be greater than half of your will power, or
  • You must have been given a stress point by the referee in the current battle/sitation, or
  • You must be at least 4th stage.

The consequence of using a frenzied action is that the character will receive one stress point. It should also decrease (or eliminate) the amount of skill the character earns for the battle/situation.