Gear Requirements

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This page lists how many stages of technician are required to build various weapons/gear.

No Stage Technician

  • Projectile Weapon
  • 1D Bullets
  • 1D Non-Force hand to hand weapons

1st Stage Technician

  • Rapid Fire Projectile Weapon
  • All other bullets except inertia
  • Lasers up to 2D
  • Blasters up to 2D
  • Force Blades (etc) 1D
  • Newtonian Force Beams
  • Armour
  • Shields (25 stam * tech stage)
  • Convert biological to robotic patches
  • Per meter move boots +3

2nd Stage Technician

  • Inertia Bullets
  • Missile launcher and missiles
  • Flare Rifle
  • Sonic Weapons
  • Flame Thrower
  • Electric Pulse
  • up to x5 blasters/lasers
  • x2 & x3 move boots
  • All blast, stun, and sonic grenades (stages of munitionist can be substituted for technician)

3rd Stage Technician

  • Rest of standard weapons
  • Robotic patches
  • x4 & x5 move boots
  • Plasma grendades