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Stamina: 10+
Strength: Exceptional (5) - Hypernormal (7)
Speed: Slow (1) - High (4)
Agility: Clumsy (1) - Acrobatic (6)
Intelligence: Simple (1) - Average (3)
Size: 3 m. tall, 600 - 1000 kg.
Skill Adjustment: -2

These huge towering monsters are some of the most physically powerful creatures in the known galaxies. Grotens are immensely strong, even when considering their gigantic size, making them extremely terrifying combatants. They can dismember virtually any being they can manage to get their hands on.

Their 3 m. tall bipedal frame consists of a skeleton that is stronger than steel, rippling muscles that are as hard as stone, and covered by a tough hide. Except for their face, hands, and feet, they have a thick coat of coarse fur. Harsh black eyes deeply recessed under their brow and strong carnivore’s teeth complete their features.

While effective combatants, Grotens suffer from some distinct disadvantages. They cannot enter buildings that are not designed for large beings (without causing structural damage), vehicles often are not capable of transporting them, and they cannot use equipment that is too delicate. Finally, their intelligence is limited to merely average as a maximum.

Grotens, along with their cousins the Zygroten, were one of the first species that explored the First Galaxy and founded the Confederation. They are a prolific species that is a common race throughout the Three Galaxies and beyond.

GAMING NOTE: The Groten effectiveness at hand-to-hand combat is actually a hindrance for long term characters, as it makes earning skill much more difficult. There are proportionately fewer skilled Groten combatants (by population) than most other species - especially combatants specialized in hand-to-hand.