Guided Missiles

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proposed rule
updated per review with DAVE

Current rule missiles are standard-attack 1-use weapons. Standard-attack uses:

  • the pilot/gunner/operator's bonus to hit and dice pool, plus whatever targeting bonus the missile might add
  • range of the missile is the operational range in that attack turn - miss and you're done
  • exception is the "idiot savant" missiles

Benefits of current rule missiles:

  • ability to simultaneously launch multiple missiles to stack damage
  • ability to share a stock of missiles across multiple users

The proposed rule is that essentially ALL missiles are guided.

  • missiles cost no dice to use - assigning targets and launching are free actions
  • missiles have 2D to attack
  • missiles have an effective "duck" that is a combination of evasive movement and being a small target
  • missiles can have multiple turns to seek their assigned target
    • missile movement capability versus the range they are launched from determines whether their few turns are spent streaking towards their target or making attack attempts
  • each missile has separate attack attempts - meaning swarms have a greater statistical spread of probability to hit as well as increased potential damage
  • operators can override normal guidance and apply "standard attack" - but only for attacks within 1 turn's range

Δ Typical Missile
Speed25 km/turn
Range4 turns
Bonus to Hit+3