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Intelligence Requirement:Average (3)
Stage Stamina:1D+1 (2-7)
Will Power+1 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

+2 : 3-5

+3 : 6
Awareness +1 : 1-3 (roll 1D6)
+2 : 4-6
MBA+0 : 2 - 11 (roll 2D6)
+1 : 12

Leaders are the ones who organize, coordinate and inspire groups of individuals, making them into a single force. A leader can be anyone from a head of a street gang, to a sponsor of a scientific research team, to a commander of a military unit. Anyone who wishes to excel in directing the actions of others would benefit from the occupation of leader.

A stage of leader gives a substantial increase of will power and awareness. Due to the increased mental focus a stage of leader gives, there is a slight chance that they will gain one mentally based ability point and thereafter the ability to gain more. After achieving a stage of leader, the character can pick one stage of one of their other occupation and convert the bonuses and stamina to the maximum possible for that occupation. If you can't remember what the bonuses and stamina where for the occupation originally, just re-roll them and add the difference. If you wish, you can choose to apply this bonus to a future occupation.

Leaders have the ability to effectively train others. If someone is earning experience in the company of a leader and the leader has the same stage of occupation they are working on, the leader can guide their progress so that when it comes time to roll bonuses and stamina, the rolls are affected. If the trainer has one stage of leader, the trainee will be able to re-roll all 1s and 2s when the dice are rolled for bonuses and stamina. If the trainer has two stages of leader, 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s are rerolled. And if the trainer has three or more stages of leader, the bonuses and stamina of the trainee are automatically at maximum.

The important requirement is that the leader has the same occupation of the same stage in order for this to work. For example, if a leader has only one stage of Infantry, he wouldn't be able to train someone who is working on their second stage of Infantry. The leader would have to be second stage Infantry as well.

During game play, a character with stages of leader will have more success controlling others than a character without. For example, a captain of a ship without any stages of leader will have continuous problems with the crew questioning his orders any may have potential mutinies. A high stage leader, however, can be confident that when he commands something of his underlings, the orders will be carried out.