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Intelligence Requirement:Semi (0)
Stage Stamina:1D+8 (9-14)
Maximum Stages:N/A
Will Power-1 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

-2 : 3-4

-3 : 5-6
Awareness-1 : 1-2 (roll 1D6)

-2 : 3-4

-3 : 5-6
# Attacks per round+1

Lunatic is an occupation in name only. It isn't something you study or train for, and usually isn't an occupation a player will try to be. As the name says, this occupation is for a character that has lost his mind. (ie, gone nuts, not playing with a full deck, lost his marbles, insane, outsane, sanely challenged, bonkers, mucho loco, etc.)

You see, in AIF, technology exists to cure any illness, repair any damage, and do just about anything to the physical body. But when the mind gets sick, there are no quick fixes. Of course, there are physiologists and mental health facilities, but they are not always available and are always a slow process. In a usual adventure, there is about as much time to go see a shrink, as there is to learn to be a 4th stage scientist.

Therefore, when a character becomes mentally unstable, he will become a lunatic.

During game play, if a character has gone through an extremely stressful or disturbing experience, the referee may give the character one or more stress points. Once a character’s stress points exceed his will power, he will become a lunatic. The more experienced a character is, the less frequently he should get stress points. In other words, a seasoned character will be able to handle a lot more stress than a green character. Often, the referee will require a will power roll of the character to see if he handles a certain situation. If the will power roll fails, the character earns a stress point.

Many things can cause a stress point. Often, it is a near death experience in combat. But it could also be caused from intense emotions such as pain, fear, guilt, or rage as well as external sources such as drugs (withdrawal) or a really bad hair day.

When a character earns that final stress point to push him over the edge, he will instantly gain the bonuses and stamina shown above. While becoming a Lunatic is not a sought after goal, if the final stress point comes in combat, the stamina and bonuses may save his life. He will be unable to gain experience for any occupation other than lunatic due to the fact that he has lost focus on anything other than his insanity. An extra attack per round with any weapon is gained because he becomes frenzied in combat.

The insanity can have many different forms. The referee can give the player any kind of phobias, obsessions, or mental quirks. The mental disorder should have something to do with what gave the character stress points. If the character went insane due to being almost pulverized by a Groten, he may have a phobia of Grotens, or fur, or fists, or anything related to the combat.

There are two ways to lose the insanity and be able to gain experience in normal occupations again. One is the reduction of your stress points. This involves either psychiatric help, which can be a long process, or focusing the character on activities that he enjoys and that calm him. If the character has a stage of artist, it will be easier because they already are used to focusing intently on an activity that they obviously enjoy. Otherwise, it is referee and character discretion as to what may help the character lose stress points. A character can reduce his stress points in this way before becoming a lunatic. It is a good way to prevent going insane. If your stress points fall below your will power, you lose the stamina and negatives in will power and awareness you were given when you went insane. You also lose the extra attack per round and are able to devote experience to an occupation again.

The second way to gain your sanity back is to embrace the insanity and get yourself to a point where it is a part of you, but you can control it and get on with your life. This involves actually gaining a stage of Lunatic. The player must role-play their character's insanity. They must conquer their fear, satisfy their obsession or anything that the player and referee believe will enable the character to live with their insanity. Once the character earns ten experience of Lunatic, he will lose the extra attack per round, but keep the stamina and negatives on his will power and awareness. He will not gain the stamina and negatives again after gaining the stage of Lunatic. He will also lose ten stress points. (In this case, negative stress points are possible.) Of course if he gains another ten stress points later on, the process starts all over again.