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Intelligence Requirement:Average (3)
Stage Stamina:1D (1-6)
to Heal+1D
to Tamper+1D
to Duck+1
to Hide+1

The medic occupation is one that involves the repair of biological beings. A medic can more efficiently use medical tools, allowing for increased effectiveness.

When someone goes up a stage of medic they gain an extra die roll when performing healing functions. This includes both the hour-long repairs done with a medical kit or medical pack, and the quick fix done with a patch.

A medic is, in a sense, a biological technician. Therefore, for each stage, a medic will gain a D6 to tamper. This tamper ability is similar to the technicians tamper ability, except that it only applies to biological tampering. It is non-cumulative; meaning each attempt to tamper is independent of other attempts. For more information, see the section on Tamper.

Often a medic is needed during a combat situation. A medic armed with several patches can often make the difference in a fight. Medics have a slight bonus to Duck because they are often targets themselves, and a hide bonus allows them to hide themselves and the person they are working on.

Without any medical tools, a medic can still repair damage. They can repair half of their to Heal bonus every hour. They can also have the invaluable ability to stop a mortal wound without any tools.