Movement Rules

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These rules are meant to be supplemental and optional rules to the regular Movement rules. These are for advanced play, particularly with respect to ship games where movement can be deadly boring otherwise.


distance - bonuses/penalties, multipliers/dividers

stealth - sneak, hide

agility / maneuverability

combat - duck, attack, flank

Movement bonuses can be applied to:

  • add base movement distance
  • reduce distance dividers
  • reduce stealth penalties
  • reduce combat penalties


Circumstances are described by the applicable distance/stealth/combat affects.

line of sight effects: distance or duck penalty

physical fit effects: distance or duck penalty

physical accuracy: agility check

small obstacle effects: distance penalty or agility check

large obstacle effects: line of sight + small obstacle + cover

Maneuverability Examples

Agility Examples


  • stage stamina: 2D
  • maximum stages: 5
  • bonuses:
    • movement +5
    • duck +2
    • agility or maneuverability +2