Needle Beam

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1D4005 kg
2D75010 kg
3D100035 kg

Needle beams are extremely favourable assassin and sharp-shooter weapons. They have excellent range, and the ability to punch through armour. The only major drawback for snipers is that the weapon has poor stealth; the beam is especially bright (pointing out the location of the shooter nicely) and noisy (a sharp ringing discharge).

The mechanism uses altered photons that exhibit extreme cohesion - keeping the beam very tight, and very intense. The weapon is only capable of producing the beam for a couple milliseconds, so is only capable of poking a neat needle-sized hole through virtually everything. An assault variant is not available and the weapon has the maximum stamina available in the base price.


  • Effective Range: 490 m
  • Accurate Range (1-handed): 300
  • Accurate Range (2-handed): 410
  • Force: 0
  • Armour Rating: Eating
  • Stamina: 20