Ship Weapons

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Ship weaponry, in addition to being either intermediate or ship scale, have other differences that tend to make them somewhat unique. For example, unlike standard personnel weaponry, ship weapons usually do not have independent power supplies and instead generally rely on the ship's power.

Ship Lasers

Ship Blasters


Lancer Torpedoes

Ship Plasma

Ship Missiles


Glossary for the stats (so far) is as follows:

  • Damage - Duh.
  • Scale - Either intermediate (10x personnel) or ship (10x intermediate or 100x personnel).
  • Cost - Cold, hard Standard Credits (with their quantumly infoilable goodness).
  • Range - Typically in kilometers, and refers to the limit of accurate weapon capability (such as with a turret). Accurate range for fixed weapons is halved. Ultimate effective range is typically about 100 times the listed range.
  • Size - Amount of free space in a ship required to house the weapon.