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Intelligence Requirement:Average (3)
Stage Stamina:1D (1-6)
to Fix+1D
to Tamper+1D

Where scientist is the accumulation of knowledge, technician is the application of that knowledge. Technicians are the builders and engineers of society, turning the scientist’s ideas and research into practical applications.

Each stage of technician gives an impressive bonus to repair technology. This bonus gets added for every hour of repair. The amount rolled is in the object’s native stamina. That is, rolling a ten for repairing a ship will be ten ship stamina, while rolling a ten for repairing a robot will be ten robot stamina, even though robot stamina is considerably less than ship stamina.

A bonus to tamper is also a major asset of the technician. For each stage a technician will gain an additional D6 to tamper. The number is non-cumulative, meaning that when a technician attempts to tamper, he will roll the dice and that is his total. If he fails, he fails, and must try again with the same number of dice. This is opposed to the scientist's tamper ability, which is cumulative. A scientist gets one tamper point per stage and when tampering he can work on it indefinitely, increasing his tamper total until he succeeds.

For each item in the weaponry and equipment descriptions, there is a listing of the required stages necessary to build each item. For most items, the stages listed will be stages of technician.

Technicians have the ability to alter weapons for their users, as to make them more accurate. This involves ‘fitting’ the weapon to its owner, making subtle adjustments to eliminate any awkwardness. This translates into a bonus to hit for the owner. The bonus available is equal to the stage of technician. For example, a second stage technician can give a bonus of +2 to hit on a weapon. Each +1 bonus to hit takes one hour of modifications on the weapon. This bonus will only apply to the person for which it was intended.

Technicians can apply a similar bonus to ships for pilots. It involves making a ship easier to fly for a specific pilot’s ability. This translates into a bonus as well, but must be chosen between attack, defense, or movement.

Other uses of technician are subtler and relate to general game play. The simple fact is that technicians know how everything works. They know computers, robots, ships, power systems, motivators, etc. This knowledge can be very useful in many situations. Here are a few examples:

  • A technician is going to have good guess where important bits of a building are, such as shield generators or power sources.
  • A technician is going to know the capabilities of an enemy ship quickly and have a better chance of seeing hidden weapons or components.
  • A technician will usually know where the vital parts of a robot are, where as others will have to guess.
  • A technician will instinctively know not to push the big red button on the new and interesting weapon he just found.

There are many other situations, aside from these, that fall into the realm of common sense. If the players and the referee are alert, the usefulness of technician will often come into play.