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What follows is a timeline from the Human perspective. It starts at present day and goes back to when Humans were first leaving their system.

4976 Giamon Empire formed
4975 New Earth destroyed. Remains of the Confederation flees to Andromeda
4962 Gia founded - future capital of the Giamon Empire
4960 Trupepol starts assault on First Galaxy
4901 The Reich takes control of the Second Galaxy and continues battle against the Xoids
4897 Xoids start assault on the Second Galaxy
4890 Fragmentation of Third Galaxy

An organization known as the Ttaidaytadt amassed power and seized control of the third galaxy. They destroyed the massive fold space gates that allowed easy access to the galaxy and took control of the local governments, eliminating any Confederation influence.

Their reign would have continued, but an internal conflict with the leaders of the group destroyed the Ttaidaytadt. The third galaxy, without a force to bind it together, fragmented into thousands of tiny kingdoms and governments.

Stasis / Internal Stability of Confederation Decays
4370 Army of Xoids led by Zod attacks 1st galaxy / attack failed.
3610 - 4120 5th Galactic War (Sandaraks, Xoids, Everybody, Everything)
Huge Confederation build-up of military hardware
3444 - 3495 4th Galactic War (Sandaraks)
3433 - 3435 3rd Galactic War

Radicals within the Confederation surfaced. They developed the Batori and used them to prove to the Confederation that it had become too large and unwieldy. The Radicals also developed the cloaking device and used it to get their Batori in many sensitive areas. They proved that a single Batori could disable an immense cruiser just by attacking the personnel within. The war ended and it is not known if the Confederation won or the Radicals just stopped attacking.

3101 - 3405 2nd Galactic War

A huge Xoid fleet invades Confederation held areas of the first galaxy. The Xoid navy outmatches the Confederation ships in both size and ability. The Confederation would have been beaten if not for the advancement of their infant fold space technology into the nova bomb.

3030 - 3050 1st Galactic War

The expanding Confederation ran into a large force of Sandaraks and war ensued. The Sandaraks were an exploratory force from their empire and were driven off.

Expansion / Colonization era (New Earth colonized)
2654 Expedition to hunt and destroy Xoids started (huge tech advances, advanced drives)
2653 Lublin destroyed (Xoids, attack repulsed)
2652 Confederation established (Humans, Anurians, Grotens)
2650 Earth destroyed

Hunting party of Xoids attack the Human home world of Earth. Most of the Humans and all of the Xoids are killed in a major nuclear weapon exchange.

2495 - 2645 Human / Groten War

Human and Groten exploration ships meet while both are staking a claim to a potential colony planet. A battle ensues where the Human's are crushed (literally). Over the next 150 years the Humans and Grotens war on each other. The battles are sparse and fierce, with neither side ever reaching the others home planet. Both sides were forced to develope the components necessary for space battle and while the Grotens had the advantage in ground combat, the Humans took a lead in the technology of space combat. Eventually, the fighting slowed and a truce was declared.

2462 to 2495 Human Colonization

Using the technology gleened from the Trolians, Humans started to build induction gates for superluminal travel. A number of their bases were in systems with habital planets and these were the systems that gained the new induction gates. Once completed, colony ships from Earth traveled the vast distances and Humans established colonies on a number of planets.

2461 First contact with Trolians

About a year after Humans and met for the first time, the Anurians met their second alien species. A very fast, well made ship landed near a newly established Anurian base and the crew of about twenty Trolians introduced themselves. Over the next few months, as the linguists learned to translate each others languages, it was learned that the Trolians posseded a technology that allowed travel at the speed of light. The Trolians traded this technology to the Anurians and Humans in exchange for many scientific advancements the Trolians had not yet developed. The scientific knowledge of the Trolian race at the time seemed to be largely focused on space travel and lacked many of the technologies the Anurians and Humans took for granted.

Once the Human and Anurians scientists examined the Trolian technology, they found they could increase the speed of their ships to beyond light speed by building massive induction gates. These gates would accelerate the ships passing through them to superluminal speed.

2460 First contact with Anurians

On the Human's tenth interstellar voyage, they detected a signal coming from the second planet in the system they were approaching. During the remaining five months of their voyage, they tried to decipher the signal but could not. Nevertheless, they were convinced the signal came from an intelligence that was not Human.

On the Anurian's 23rd base outside their home system of Lublin, it was a small boy stargazing through a telescope that noticed the approaching ship first. Once the remaining population of the Anurian's domed base realized the ship was not one of their own, they prepared for its arrival. Most of the population evacuated to an orbiting ship which then hid behind one of the planets two moons. The military and scientist contingents of the base plus a few diplomats remained on the planet to await the arrival of the alien ship.

When the Humans arrived in their ship, the CS Aquinas, they orbited the planet for a number of days studying the two large domes on the surface. They then sent a lander to the planet surface which landed a half a kilometre from the Anurian base. The Anurians sent a land vehicle to meet them and in the year 2460, Humans and Anurians made first contact.

2250 - 2460 First Human interstellar exploration

In the Human year of 2250, the Humans sent forth their first manned expedition out of their solar system. A twenty year trip took them to one of their closest neighbours - Sirius. The crew of thirty-five arrived in 2271 and established a base on one of the moons orbiting the third gas giant of the system. This successful interstellar journey prompted additional trips and over the next two centuries, Humans visited and established bases in eight other systems.