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Zygroten jumping.jpg
StrengthLow (2) - Strong (6)
SpeedLow (2) - Fast (6)
AgilityLow (2) - Acrobatic (6)
IntelligenceSimple (1) - Exceptional (5)
Size2 m. tall, 100 kg.

Zygroten are a relative of the Groten, coming from the same home planet. They evolved at about the same time as their hulking cousins, and could possibly be derived from the same ancient ancestor. This is where the similarities end.

These beings have a similar upright bipedal configuration as most sentient species, including Grotens. Their bodies are covered in fur that ranges from short and coarse to long and silky. They also have tails, which have no real function beyond the expressive. Their heads are characteristically long, with a prominent muzzle housing clearly carnivorous teeth, and long mobile ears. Their overall stature is quite different from a Groten, averaging a relatively tiny 100 kg., and rarely exceeding 2 meters in height. This still makes them quite sizable compared to most beings. They also have the advantage of being not deficient in any physical capabilities; being capable of strong strength, fast speed, and acrobatic agility. Moreover, they greatly excel in intelligence compared to Grotens.

The Zygroten did not have much interstellar contact when the Grotens did, as they were a slave race to the Grotens. Apparently, the extreme living conditions on their planet allowed the Grotens to be much more successful, despite the Zygroten superior intellect. Legends on their world suggest that originally the Zygroten were bred by the Grotens for use as pets, and later as intelligent slaves. Regardless, during the height of the Galactic Wars, the Zygroten were recognized as a free species by most races and eventually declared as such by the Grotens (perhaps with some persuasion from the rest of the Confederation). Zygroten are now common in all corners of explored space.