Horrific Realism game

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Setting: ReZion

Referee: RooK

Player: Dave

The Story So Far

The three main characters we've played have nicknames more than realistic given names: Bastard, Moses, and Bitch. Arrayed in support are various individuals (NPC's) designated as Fodder - never more than 3 at a time, but of selectable capabilities.

They do the bidding of their secret mentor, the legendary Moshe Dayan, well outside the official structure of political entities. Their only contact is via an extremely stealthy individual known as Ammunira. The Horrific Three had been running missions as usual, except they started finding that things were getting more messed up than usual. And, indeed, it seemed that The Enemy was working with more information than was comfortable. This caused the missions to shift to a probing nature, which also did not work out terribly well.

Things finally degraded to the point that Ammunira sought them out away from their usual covert meetings at the various safe houses, and warned them to be careful. And, indeed, as they left, they happened across a suspicious chase of individuals - which they decided to inspect. They almost managed to get a prisoner to question, but then accidentally killed him.

Plot Infliction 001 - Skulking, Revisited

To what degree are the current Fodders clued in?

We should probably go warn them... Might be interesting to find out if they've run into any trouble.

The current array of Fodders - Ayy (defender/tech), Cee (defender/aggressor), and Dee (defender/medic) - have taken to frequenting a café (Noctumo) outside a library not too far from the West Safe House. There they can usually be found taking turns being on watch while the others play chess or read books.

They have had no trouble lately. That might be because they are insufficiently important to mess with, or because their hangout is veritably packed with off-duty Israeli Defense Force personnel who are all twitchy and on guard. When the Horrifics arrive, the Fodders immediately assume that they are required and briskly ready themselves to depart. As it turns into a chat session, the Fodders start to look awkward.

Ayy: "Does this mean that we should temporarily disband and stay low?"

Cee: "I don't like staying low. I wanna hunt down these goatfuckers."

Ayy: "Seems like all such plans go awry lately."

Cee: "That's why we don't plan. We just hunt around 'till we find 'em, then we kill 'em."

Ayy: "Technically, that's a plan. And not a very good one."

Dee: Looks imploringly at the Horrifics. As if to say, "Make them stop talking."

I think we left these three in another game...

Bastard: "Don't disband, but keep extra cautious. We just wanted to give you a head's up as to what was going on. We'll come find you if we need you."

We head back to whereever, and spend another week healing.

You say that like I'm capable of writing more than 4-5 different personalities.

Fodders: "Understood. Will continue to stand by."

What is the longest that the Horrifics are interested in laying low?

If the next batch of healing gets them up to 50-ish, they'll probably head out then. Otherwise, probably lay low for one more week after that. So, at most 2 weeks.

The Horrific's ability to lay low serves them well for a week - nothing exceptional happens.

Bastard heals 9.
Moses heals 11 - so, up to full.
Bitch heals 9 - so, up to full.

Good enough. Let's get on the bikes and patrol. Can we get one with a side car for Moses to keep his guns?

The sidecar idea was initiated a month or so earlier, so the parts have been delivered. It only takes Fodder-A with his 1st-stage techy-ness a couple days to hack together a mechanism for carrying/hiding 5 AK-47s with ready access, and a crapload of ammunition.

So - patrol. There are 4 distinct times of day for activity in Jerusalem. There's the dawn hours, when it's the most quiet, and people are starting to sluggishly rouse. Working hours, where the city is full of bustle and most humans are active and every street is teeming. Afternoon/dusk is when there's another lull, as the heat causes work to grind to a stop and people tend to engage in recreation. And night time, when a seemingly different cadre of humans starts to dominate the streets. At night the traffic is faster, and there is the highest variation of population density - with revelers crammed in the "downtown" areas (of which there are about 6), and the suburbs being relatively quiet (which are actually strewn in patches between the major roads and the various "downtowns").

Being human, the Horrifics can't patrol all the time. When do they start?

Game 2012.10.05 - Patrol

Instead of throwing themselves into almost-certain random violence of cruising the Islamic Quarter, the Horrifics decide to be mindful of possible threats to their array of safe houses. And so ply between them looking for things awry. It doesn't take long before their surprisingly-high awarenesses twitch to the presence of a spotter that becomes interested in them.

So they circle around back for a closer look. They find the most easily-approachable side to be too well-barred, and so make for the front. This turns out the be somewhat difficult for the larger males Bastard and Moses, which defaults to having Bitch take point. The spotter is then spotted hastening out of the building in the company of a towering muslim with dark skin and hefting an AK-47. Bitch and Moses engage (despite Moses only being armed with a non-assault weapon) while Bastard runs around (and snags Moses AK on the way). The big guy turns out to be kind of tough, and allows the two of them to retreat back into the squatter-filled old building.

The Horrifics pursue after regrouping. They bypass the firebomb booby trap, and follow the two Jihadists out the back door. Again Bitch takes point - to most effectively follow the traces of their passing - while Bastard and Moses run back to fetch the motorcycles. This leaves Bitch alone to take some significant amount of high-velocity projectiles from the AK as the Jihadists flee in a small truck.

Leaving enough distance to be appropriately discreet, the Horrifics follow the truck to where it was ditched in bab alZahra, and see the hotel that the Jihadists disappear into. Thinking better of an immediate assault in the current circumstance, they slip away again to fetch Bitch's motorcycle and then take her to their regular surgeon around the back of the central hospital.

Plot Infliction 002 - Scheming Horrors

The act of visiting the surgery summons Ammunira, who is keen to hear what the Horrifics might want to disclose.

We fill her in... with the hopes of a planned strike against that hotel.

You're clearly a lot less paranoid than God tends to be. Not that there's any reason you should be...

Ammunira: "What would you like in preparation for a strike? Personnel? Materials? Intel?"

Game 2012.10.12 - More Horror Than Realism

The Horrifics healed up and then dragged the latest batch of Fodders along for an assault on the bab alZahra hotel. The main force held back while Bitch did an advance sortie, with the rest poised to follow in 5 minutes if they didn't hear anything. Bitch was able to make the approach mostly-unspotted, and slipped in past some nervous guards. Once inside the hotel proper, she could see a largish force of jihadists cramming into the ancient elevator on the 4th floor - presumably to deploy out in force to investigate the report of the Horrifics motorcycle approach earlier. Thusly packed into the elevator, the group was nigh defenseless as Bitch crept around beside the elevator on the second floor, and riddled them all with mild-steel-penetrating high-velocity assault rounds from her AK-47. It was not pretty.

This stirred up a rukus, and Bitch climbed higher in the hotel to avoid being cornered. Once up to the fourth floor - where the main group had loaded from - she sidestepped another group of jihadists heading out of the far end of the hotel. There, she crept up to a lone guard and quietly slit his throat. Passing through the ancient double doors, she found a crude barracks and some more guards - who were also oblivious to her presence. These she assassinated sequentially with simple pithing from under the jaw with her favourite stabby blade.

From there, she crept up a recently-uncovered secret stairway into a steeply graded passage-way that lead into an odd space above the top floor of the hotel. From her vantage point she could see the terrible results of a demonic summoning, including something with pitch black tentacles and a taste for brains. She fled from the resulting screaming. But before she could get very far, the giant tentacled monstrosity from the Dimension Of Really Unpleasant Stuff burst through the ceiling of the central atrium and started groping around for more diverse snacks - including and especially Bitch. Through a series of increasingly desperate moves, Bitch eventually made good her escape by jumping out of a 4th story window. Ouchie. She managed to survive, and hobbled back to the motorcycles.

MEANWHILE, the rest of the Horrifics pushed forward with their frontal assault. Their stealthy approach was made awkward by groups of jihadists running out of the front of the hotel. There was a brutal firefight, but the trade ended up being just one Fodder killed versus all the jihadists. Pressing forward into the hotel proper, they found themselves staring dumbfounded up at a waving mass of tentacles reaching down from the ceiling of the 5-story-high central atrium and snagging/squishing everybody it could find. Then the thing wormed free of its perch and descended to the bottom of the hotel, bringing it eye-to-eye with Bastard and Moses. It then telepathically commanded them to walk into its maw, which they might have contemplated had they not been grabbed by the shoulders by their faithful FodderD - who was almost immediately rewarded for his bravery by being eaten. They fled, but not before Moses got turned into Demon Kibble. Bastard ran all the way back to the motorcycles and met up with Bitch, and FodderA who had been badly injured earlier.

Plot Dissemination 003 - HA HA HA HA

That was funny. I'm not sure it's worth trying to carry on with the Horror, though. Probably time to give Neverland a try.