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Setting: Neverland

Referee: Dave

Player: RooK

Character Generation

You're an Indian from the Northern Continent. You're between 8 and 11 years old and get 30 points from the point system (which I rolled as 25+1D6). You will be second stage, but let's just do the first stage for now - there will be some plot before you get your second stage. Your first stage needs to be something offensive as you're being taught to be a hunter - Aggressor, Assassin, Repeater, Sharp Shooter, or Striker. Will Power will be a handy stat.


  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 6
  • Agility: 6
  • Hand-to-hand: 1
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Will Power: 6
  • Awareness: 6
  • 30 kg, 11 year old girl

A Horrid Beginning

Crowfeather awakens from her first overnight into the wilderness and starts to head back to where her tribe has lived for the last few months. She’s feeling smug - this is a right of passage for young Indians and she had no trouble. She even managed to take down a fox and plans on making it into a hat. On the way back, she thinks she smells the faint smell of smoke, but doesn’t think too much about it.

Cresting the hill overlooking the valley her tribe was in, she sees a horrific site. All of the tents and structures of her tribe are now smoldering heaps and there are bodies lying about the ruin. (She earns a stress point for this). She’s still over a kilometer away so she quickly heads down.

Bow drawn and weary of enemies, she enters the area. The smell of death is everywhere and she sees all of her people massacred. Whoever it was either took their dead with them, or none of the enemy were killed. She sees that most of the warriors were taken out by projectile weapons - either bows or bullets, though she doesn’t see any arrows embedded in the bodies. The non-combatants of the tribe look like they were taken out by axes or swords. (She gets another stress point).

Reluctantly, she heads to her family’s tent. On the way, she spots her father and two older brothers lying dead. They look like they had their weapons out, but they were unused as whatever attacked the tribe took them out. Reaching her tent, she finds her mother, and three younger siblings butchered. (Another stress point).

Some part of her mind notices that none of their food stores were taken, she can see the remains of them in one of the burnt tents.

There’s only one member of her family she hasn’t seen yet - her older sister Ravenwing is missing. She searches the area but doesn’t find her body. She searches again and notices that a few other people from her tribe are missing - all young women. She’s just old enough to realize what that probably means. (And earns yet another stress point).

At that point, a fairy appears in front of her, looks around at the carnage and says. “Wow, you're screwed.”

Plot Infliction I - Learning to Fly

You've heard of faries before, but never actually seen one. You don't know too much about them - none of your tribe has really had any contact with them. You instantly get a bad feeling from this one - he seems to have an 'I'm an asshole' vibe to him. He spends the next few minutes taunting you, telling you how doomed you are, and making some comments about how pathetic your tribe, and indeed your entire species it. Unable to stop your self, you aim at him with your bow... but he vanishes as soon as he sees you, and then reappears behind you a second later laughing his ass off.

Losing it a bit, you swing at him with your bow, but again he vanishes before contact is made. He reappears above your head and lands on it, kind of roughly, and you can see dust falling around you. Before you realize what is happening, your feet leave the ground and you are hovering there. The fairy flies off your head and stops in front of you. His entire demeanor has changed - he's calm and has a kindness in his eyes. All of the 'I'm an asshole' vibe is gone.

"Sorry about that. I wanted to make sure you were truly feeling your rage before I dusted you. I'm guessing that the emotion of rage will be more useful to you than the moronic 'happy thought's' the other fairies use. I'm Foster."

Crowfeather suppresses a shudder, still brimming with futile rage. She stares at Foster for a while. She's not smart, so it takes a while for the maelstrom in her tiny little head to coalesce into something sensible. She steals a glance around and looks back at Foster.


"Pirates. Though not the pirates Neverland has had to contend with before. A ship came through the portal from the mainland about a month ago. It has unspeakable magic, it destroyed another pirate ship with one shot from it's cannon, it can disappear at will, the men on board have guns of immense power and accuracy. They coerced other ships to join with them and they've raided the towns on the western continent numerous times for supplies. They seem to have made a base for themselves on one of the 1000 islands - you can guess what happened to the lost boys there."

"These people are evil. More so than your average pirate. Most of my breathern have been keeping their lost boys away from them and we've claimed many new orphans from the west. This is the first time I've heard them attack the north..." He looks around again. "To be honest, I haven't heard of them being quite so vicious - they've never extermimanted a whole village before."

He's using a lot of big words so you have to concentrate on him a bit. You're still trying to figure out what 'coerced' means, but you got the jist of everything else. Concentrating on him makes you suddenly fall to the ground, but you gracefully land on your feet.

"Just focus on your rage and you'll be flying again. The dust will last around an hour, but if you'll have me, I'll be around to give you more. If you want, I can lead you to another tribe that will probably take you in. Or, I can take you to an island and you can join the lost boys... and hopefully, with some luck, exact some revenge. Most of the fairy-folk are keeping their boys away, telling them to hide like they've never hid before. That might work for a while, but these new pirates have taken an island. They'll have as much access to spring water as the boys. I say fuck that, let's take the fight to them."

He pauses thoughtfully. "Though I am somewhat in the minority of that opinion, so we'll be alone. You'll probably live longer if you tell me to leave."

By the way, Crowfeather doesn't know it yet (neither does Foster), but the fairy dust had another effect. Her rage was so intense that the dust imparted upon her additional skill in what she was doing the first time she was dusted - aiming a weapon and attacking hand to hand. She now has +1 to hit per stage when under the influece of dust - both ranged and hand to hand.

Crowfeather contemplates the options, gets confused, then goes with her gut. She puts two dice into anger, and two dice into clarity.

Floating, she says. "Revenge."

Forster smiles. "Ok, we need to pick which island to take you to. What do you want your next stage to be? I should be able to find some lost boys to help you get your second stage, though after that you're on your own skill-wise."

Technically, she hasn't gotten any bonuses for being first stage...

"Aggressor." Which she says with a sweet, dimpled smile.

Right: Sharp Shooter gives you 14 stamina, +1 to hit, +1 awareness, and 1 aimed round.

Foster: "Ok, I'll go find an appropriate group. Start flying south, I'll be back within the hour." And with that he vanishes.

Any desire to do anything at the burnt village before you leave? Burying dead? Foster seemed so excited that you decided to join him that he forgot about the carrnage around you.

Crowfeather just stares at the horror for a bit. One of the poignant limitations of being an 11-year-old girl is not being able to lift much. So those butchered loved ones are mostly immovable. What she does after a while, is build bonfires on every body. Let their remains float up to visit their spirits.

If there's anything of use that Crowfeather can heft physically and can bear emotionally, she'll pocket it. Primary will be tools, knives, ropes, sewing bits, fire-making stuff, food/water, and survival-type bits. I suppose a pack or equivalent is in order.

Then she starts flying South. Crying continuously.

Foster comes back long before you're done. He just waits while you finish the bonfires.

Conveniently you had a pack with you on your overnight wilderness trip. That covers the tools, fire-making stuff, and a light blanket. You can gather some rope from one of the partially destoyed tents. You start to grab some food, but Foster tells you not to bother, there's lots on the islands.

Once done, Foster gives you another dose of dust, and you're off.

Crowfeather looks at Foster with tear-streaked eyes, points to herself and says as clearly as she can (but probably still squeaking from being choked up), "Crow Fea-ther."

She also contemplates how hard it would be to turn the fox pelt into a cowl/hood while flying.

What was the name of Crowfeather's tribe?

Game Night - October 18, 2012 - First Blood

Foster leads Crowfeather to a small group of lost boys who agree to train her up in a stage of Aggressor over the next month. Lot's of fruit trees on the island, so no worries about food, and the spring water there stops her aging and give her healing abilities.

During the month, Foster hears from other Fairies that the evil pirates have attacked other villages in the North.

Soon, Foster gives Crowfeather her first opportunity for battle. A pirate ship (not the evil ones, but some other random one) has anchored at a nearby island and sent men by rowboat to fill up some barrels of spring water.


Plot Infliction II - A Killer Is Born

You and Foster make your escape and fly back to your island.

Foster: "So, you ok?" He seems kind of jittery.

Also: skill. Experience, please.

Level glance. "Yeah. Mostly. I got scared when I got arrowed in my neck." The flat expression Crowfeather uses before looking back towards the direction of flight is 90% honest vacuousness, and 10% monster.

Foster seems to shake off what was making him jittery. "Just never actually had a hand in killing someone before. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but, well, it's kind of surreal."

"So, what do you want to do next?"

You get 3 experience for the three dead pirates, plus 1 bonus experience for being outnumbered.

I figure that being hunters, Crowfeather's people are were pretty accustomed to killing. Seeing as how the intro was centered around ritualistic training of systematic killing, it seems plausible that enjoying it isn't a strange concept for Crowfeather. Not to detract from the horror of her family/tribe's slaughter, mind you. She probably has no real concept of what's wrong with Foster.

"Weeelll... next I want feathers from crows or ravens, some nice straight saplings, and some flints. For arrows. Then eat and sleep. Then find some more stupidhead pirates."

Yeah, you figure right. Foster's kind of new to the violence. This is the first time Crowfeather's actually killed another person though... but really the only thing she finds odd is how un-weird it feels.

"Right, arrows. You can probably find lots of birds at any of the islands around here. I'll leave you to that and meet up with you tomorrow." Pop, he vanishes.

So, stay at the island the pirates were at, head back to the island you were training at, or Random Island?

Crowfeather will head quietly away from the Island Of Slaughter in a manner that keeps her on the opposite side of the island from the pirate ship until she's safely over the horizon. Then back to the training island, for the sense of security it would allow. She's pretty much oblivious to how false that sense of security probably is, and did not clue into the idea that Foster would be able to find her elsewise.

Do any Lost Boys find Crowfeather? I wonder if she's an anomaly for them, and if they're curious about her.

Yes, three of the scouty ones find Crowfeather soon after she reaches the island and want to know what happened.

Crowfeather looks at her arrow-making progress then back to the scouty boys. "I arrowed them."

They are suitably impressed, and make a bunch of comments about how the pirates deserved it, and don't mess with lost boys, etc. You get the feeling they think you hit them with a few arrows and then ran off... not that you hunted and killed them.

While Crowfeather can probably only understand some small aspect of the Lost Boys' misconception, she still is unlikely to clarify herself. She's both accustomed to not being good at making herself understood, and has enough of other people knowing more than her.

"I'm going for more arrowing. Anybody want to come?"

Man, it's tricky writing Crowfeather's dialogue. The first draft always sounds like I'm writing fora Russian mobster. I mostly end up deleting more than half of everything until it's just the bare essentials.

One of them follows you - a girl who calls herself Pasty. She does seem kind of pale... Anyway, she doesn't talk much, but does follow you. You think she's as agile as you, but not as fast.

How is Pasty armed? And how sneaky is she?

I think Crowfeather still means to eat and sleep before the next foray, but I suppose that depends on when Foster returns and what news he brings.

Pasty has a small blade with her, but that's it. Looks like it's mostly used for opening fruit. Hard to tell how sneaky she is - you think she's sneakier than you, but don't know much more than that.

Eat and sleep sounds good. There's fruit everywhere on the island, so that's not a problem. You can head back to the network of treehouses the lost boys have set up on this island to sleep.

Game Night - October 26, 2012 - Survivability Test

Assault weapons and nuclear subs. Scary.

Plot Infliction III - Spreading The Fear

Crowfeather flies through the night back to the island she's been staying at lately with the Lost Boys. Too jazzed from the previous days/evening's adventures, she drags her arrow-making stuff to one of the central treehouses and busies herself with arrow replacement work while she waits for them to wake.

Pasty's there - awake. Seems to have trouble sleeping for some reason. :)

You get three more arrows made before everyone wakes up.

Crowfeather eyes the Lost Boys to get their attentions, then nods at Pasty. "Most should follow Pasty. Hide."

Then she continues making more arrows, and waits for Foster or other Faeries to bluster in.

Game Night - November 1, 2012 - Slightly Outnumbered

Foster and Crowfeather go hunting for ships. They find one and sneak up on it, but at closer inspection find that it's a merchant craft rather than pirates. She lands on the deck and chats with the captain who shows her on a map where he thinks some pirates may have gone. She also has a brief chat about the evil pirates and find they've been at the main city on the western continent quite a bit trading and gathering information.

They make it to the islands the merchant pointed to on his map and start searching. Eventually Foster spots the ship, hidden in a cove behind a large rock outcropping. They fly to the top of the rock and notice a pirate lookout up there with them. Crowfeather and the pirate exchange arrows and the pirate eventually begs for mercy... Crowfeather gave it by allowing him to try and jump into the water instead of be shot again. The pirates below were a bit concerned to see their lookout fall 200 m into the water beside the boat, and sink.

Deciding that a frontal assault would be too risky, Crowfeather finds a good place to hide and waits. Eventually, 5 pirates emerge from the treeline and cautiously approach the lookout spot. Unfortunately for Crowfeather, two of the pirates happen to spot her and battle ensued. During the fight, Crowfeather effectively used her flying speed and cover to keep her distance, but still, she was outnumbered 5 to 1. And the pirates, seeing that the odds were in their favour, were bold enough to go all aggressive most times to try and get her.

The battle ended with Crowfeather fleeing into the jungle at 1 stamina, leaving behind 4 seriously wounded, and 1 dead pirate. All of the pirates had +5 to duck, so if she hadn't had the fairy dust magic bonus to hit, she wouldn't have had a chance.

Plot Infliction IV - Professional Lost Boy

You gain 4 skill - 1 for the pirate you killed, and 3 for surviving.

As you sit in your tree healing, you noticed the intermediate scale Crocodile beneath you on the ground looking at you hungrily.

Crowfeather looks down at the monster. "Hi beastie." Pity there is no clock to feed it. "Do you want to wait around while I heal, so I can lead you to some nice, yummy pirates?"

Barely surviving that last fight, and not wanting to be more careful in practice, Crowfeather makes Defender her next stage. Also, she's low on arrows. Might have to do something about that.

Although, dang it's tempting to try to jump straight to a stage of Repeater to complete the shockshooter-ness. I suspect that it's related to the fading of the terror of running around outnumbered with just one stamina remaining.

Game Night - November 8, 2012 - ISC

[lures Intermediate Scale Crocaloid Crocodile to shore line]

[harasses from sneak]


[harasses from above]


[meets Lost Badass] [follows Lost Badass to tree house] [rests]

[watches Lost Badass discourse with pirates]

[lies in wait for pirates, who have to forage some time] [watches pirates send out longboat at dusk to forage]

[sets longboat on fire]

[plays hide-and-seek with pirates in jungle]

Whee! Arrow arrow arrow!

[watches ISC eat pirates]


Plot Infliction V - In Which Our Heroine Has A Nap

[flies back to Lost Badass' treehouse]

[curls up on something suitably comfy]


After you have a nice comfy nap, you wake up to find an unfamiliar fairy looking at you. She looks a bit older than Foster is. She notices that you've awaken and smiles - kind of a grandmotherly type smile.

"Hello dear... My name is Agabeth. Foster's a bit occupied at the moment, so some of us on the fairy council thought it would be best if we helped get you somewhere safe."

Crowfeather blinks in blithe innocence. "Why keep pirates safe from me?"

Then, getting some pout on. "Foster could explain it for me. He's my favouritest fairy."

Agabeth smiles again... or did she even stop smiling? There was some sort of expression change, but you don't quite catch it.

"It's not about keeping the pirates safe deary, it's about keeping you safe. I'm afraid Foster has filled you with some rather violent ideas that a girl of your age should never have to deal with. We've found a tribe on the Northern continent that are quite peaceful. I have no doubt they'd take you in. You'd never have to fear another pirate again. Wouldn't that be nice dear?"

"Go away, stupid old fairy. I was learning to be a huntress when the poopyhead pirates Killed.My.Entire.Tribe. A huntress I will be."

Crowfeather doesn't have the language to express that all Foster did was prevent her from being irrelevant, and probably doesn't even have an inkling to try.

"Now, now, dear, there's no need to be rude. If you want to learn the ways of your people, don't you think it would be best to, well, be among your people? I could take you there. All it would take is some of my dust, a few happy thoughts, and away we go."

She pauses, as if wondering if she should continue or not.

"And, to be honest deary, are you really certain that pirates were the ones that attacked your village? All you have to go on is what Foster told you, and between you and me, Foster's been a bit unbalanced as of late. Your tribes are fighting each other all the time; maybe it was another northern tribe that attacked you."

"You deaf, old fairy? I know ways of my people: we hunt. Now I hunt for who kill a whole village of hunters without leaving any dead, leaving no broken arrows and no blade cuts." Crowfeather narrows her eyes at Agabitch. "I will hunt, and arrow all."

Then Crowfeather smiles brightly at Agabeth, in that mercurial way kids have. "Say 'hi' to Foster for me when you see him."

Just before Agabeth vanishes you catch a glimpse of her without her forced smile... the phrase "Old Hag" comes to mind.

And then you're alone.

Crowfeather sets about making some arrows while she waits for advice from either Foster or the Lost Badass. Her obvious next step is to keep practicing "arrowing" her private stash of non-assault-weapon pirates, but being 11 likely needs to hear the suggestions of more-adult beings to have something to actively rebel against.

There's been no sign of badass lost boy.

A couple hours later (you make 8 arrows), Foster appears with a couple beefy-looking (if possible) fairies. Foster looks pale and stunned and shortly after arriving the two others vanish.

He stares at you dumbly for a few moments, his face twitches a couple of times, and then he says. "I've been banished." He lands on a nearby branch, hugs his knees and stays quiet.

Yet another fairy appears shortly after. Foster twitches when she arrives, but relaxes a bit after recognizing her as not a threat and goes back to his brooding. The new fairy seems sad, and flies over to you. "Hello. I just heard.... this is going to take some explaining. Ah, no offence, but you're not that bright, are you?"

Foster mutters darkly: "She's got more sense than the entire council combined."

New fairy: "Maybe you should explain it then?"

Foster: "What's to explain? I've been banished." Looking at you. "What that means is that I can't leave this realm anymore. I can't vanish anymore. I'm at the mercy of any small creature that wants me for a snack!" He then turns his back and starts brooding again.

New fairy after a few moments: "I would suggest giving him some space for a bit, but he's right. At the moment he's eagle food. You're going to have to protect him."

After leaving Foster alone for a while, Crowfeather will shrug and say, "Good thing you stuck on this side, and not other." Then blinks her big, dark eyes with moronic innocence and genuine enthusiasm. "Want to ride in my hood? Where should we go?"

Game Night - November 15, 2012 - Bad-ass Gone Bad

He was a Nazi-loving poo-poo-head.

Plot Infliction VI - Leftover Pirates

You leave grumpy defender pirate at the spring. The rest of the pirates are not too far, near the treeline by the beach.

The other fairy appears. "There you are... took forever to find you again. My dusting didn't work apparently." Foster snorts.

"The council is talking about you again. They know you were harrasing that ship and they're worried you're going to screw up their deal. I'm worried they're going to send some lost boys after you."

Crowfeather does not say: "What is the Faerie Council's purpose? Because it's an amusing development if they're supposedly protecting Lost Boys by sending Lost Boys to kill Lost Boys."

Instead, she looks at the new fairy. "Thanks. I worry too. Lost Boys don't need arrowing."

Quietly, to Foster: "What's her name? Be friendly. Need her for news."

Foster could probably gleen their purpose... three stages of Fairy Political Science gives him good insight, but Crowfeather probably wouldn't understand.

Foster says out loud to the new fairy. "Why are you helping us Donella? I thought you had ambitions to get on the council yourself one day."

Donella chuckles: "Remember, I was one of the ones learning the new pirate's language. Oh, and they call themselves Nat-zees by the way, I think it's the country on the mainland they're from. Anyway, they're good at sounding reasonable when they want to get their way, which is how they were dealing with the fairy council and the leaders on the Western Continent, but if you figure out what they're saying between themselves, it's disturbing how nuts they sound. A deal with them isn't going to end well. I tried explaining that to the council, but they kept saying they could handle them."

Foster: "What is it that they want?"

Donella: "Well, I think they were being somewhat honest there - they want to get home. I guess they're in the middle of some battle and want to get back. But they were also really interested in the spring water. What bugs me is that they are getting really cozy with the leadership on the Western Continent. I think they're going to try to gain power there while they're waiting for the lost boys to find them a portal."

Foster thinks for a moment. "Do you think they'll find the portal?"

Donella - uncomfortable: "For the moment, they're just randomly looking, but sooner or later they'll hear about... her. I'm guessing they'll try to find her eventually."

Foster stares at his feet.

See, now I'm imagining Tinkerbell as the Alien Queen with a huge grotesque egg-laying biological apparatus that produces face-huggers who cause dimensional portals to burst through people's chests.

Incidentally, Crowfeather would stare dumbly at the fairies until they said something somewhat more obvious.

Until a thought crosses the wasteland of her mind. "Did the Nat-zees say why they killed my tribe?"

Donella looks even more uncomfortable: "They told the council they were defending themselves, but when talking amongst themselves they seem to really dislike your people, almost as if you wern't the same species. They're motiviations are very confusing."

Foster snaps up: "We need to find her."

Donella: "Who?"

Foster: "HER"

Donella (shocked): "Are you insane? No one knows where she is."

Foster: "I do."

Donella: "Bullshit."

Foster: "Look Donella, you've been a big help, but I think you should go now. We'll be fine without you. See if you can convince some other fairies to start questioning the actions of the council."

Donella shrugs in a 'whatever' guesture, and vanishes.

Foster to you: "Want to go on a little trip?"

I imagine that Crowfeather is unable to wipe a general blink-inducing expression of confusion off her face. So she tries to distract herself by focusing on her usual elements of interest.

"OK! Where? And does it involve arrowing pirates?"

The whole "dislike" hypothesis is sufficient for Crowfeather. Because, fundamentally, pure hatred is the sole motivating aspect for her intention to kill all of them.

Foster: "Not exactly..."

You guys travel for most of the day and night, and you end up on the shores of a fairly desolate land.

"Welcome to the eastern continent. See that volcano over there?" He points at a distant mountain that's glowing orange and slowly billowing smoke. "That's where we're going."

You'd look, but you're too distracted by the small abandoned boat on the shore. You're also getting quite sleepy... you're not sure if Foster sleeps or not. He seems not to notice.

"Uh, Foster? I feel funny. Can I sleeps in that boat?"

Two weeks of plot infliction later...

Crowfeather runs up to her unstoppable robot and tells him, "KLAATU BARADA NIKTO." If his visor doesn't close, she'll kick him in the shin until he slinks back aboard the Nostromo so that they can return to Coruscant.

Crowfeather tries to wake up from the nightmare.

She wakes up surrounded by little green men singing folk songs and aiming assault weapons at her.


Then she really wakes up.

Game Night - December 6, 2012 - A Hike In The Mountains

Journey to the volcano to find Tinkerbell. The closer they got to the mountain, the less fairy magic worked, but the stronger the healing magic worked.

Yadda yadda yadda, eventually they found her.

Plot Infliction VII - Tinkle Tinkle

Foster and Tinkerbell have a lengthly, animated discussion in some language you don't understand. Eventually, she seems to get frustrated, tells Foster to shut up (at least that's what you think she says - as Foster shuts up), and flies down to you.

Tinkerbell: "Fairy politics give me a headache. Foster has duely warned me that scary pirates are going to come looking for me, so mission accomplished. Is there anything else you want?" She doesn't seem too concerned.

Foster seems to want to say something, but doesn't want to interrupt.

Your neck wound is healing 1 pt per turn without having to do anything.

"Experience, and bloody vengeance."

Tinkerbell: "Well, since the German's have assault weapons and a submarine, I doubt you'll be getting your bloody vengance anytime soon."

Foster: "Wait, what? What did you call them?"

Tinkerbell: "Germans. You said they were Nazi's right? They come from a region on the mainland called Germany."

Foster: "Oh."

Tinkerbell: "The problem you have is that you're never going to catch up to them in experience, since they're earning it right along with you. They out number you and significantly out firepower you. The only advantage you have right now is that you can fly, and if what Foster tells me is true, that's not going to help once other lost boys come after you."

Foster: "Can't believe that the council would send lost boys after other lost boys."

Tinkerbell: "Seriously? Why do you think I left? Anyway, what you need is an upgrade in firepower..."

She thinks silently for a few minutes. Then she has another animated discussion with Foster.

Eventually... "Ok, I'm going to lead you to a portal to the mainland. We'll get you some similar or better weapons to the German's and bring them back. Probably get you some more experience along the way."

Foster looks deep in thought. You get the feeling he had to offer something for her to help you.

I can't imagine Crowfeather doing anything much more than just blinking. Perhaps gulping.

If Crowfeather wasn't so keen to be earning a stage of repeater to complete the shock-shooter trifecta, it would be tempting to see if Tinkerbell might be willing to help train her as an assassin.

By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to explain to people that the game we're playing now stars Tinkerbell as a terrifying assassin who is helping my little Lost Girl get assault weapons to fight Nazis?

Tinkerbell starts leading you down the tunnel from the direction you came and you and Foster follow. As you approach the entrance of the cave, your subconscious mind detects the smell of a campfire. Your mind wanders back to before all this crazyness started, happier times with your tribe. A feeling of peacefulness washes over you. That is, until your conscious mind catches up and thinks: "Wait... campfire?"

Crowfeather whispers to Foster: "This whole continent is made of weird. I smell campfires underground."

Game Night - December 13, 2012 - BBQ

Fight with a couple of creepers, ran away from the others. Ended up going through a portal to the mainland.

Plot Infliction VIII - Stalingrad

The feeling of being able to fly again is quite relieving. Of course, then you see the giant metallic bird fly overhead and you think twice about going up there. It appears to have rifles built into it's wings and is attacking an unknown target further into the city. It has the Nazi logo painted on it's side.



Is it winter yet? Sneaking/hiding is the first order of business.

No snow on the ground, but it is colder than in Neverland. Though that might be because you just came from the inside of a volcano. After the shock wears off, you realize you're freezing from the river water.

As you sneak towards some ruble, you notice a man lying nearby watching you. He's got one hand clutching a bloody gut wound, and the other death-griped to his rifle. The rifle is kind of pointed towards you, but he doesn't seem to have the strength to use it one handed. He's very pale and his breath is ragged. He's got a soldier's uniform on, but doesn't have the swastika on the arm like the Nazis.

Crowfeather sneaks over to him, and asks him in hushed Cherokee if he fights Nazis.

Hopefully Foster speaks Russian. Which is about as likely as us finding a faerie-sized coat for him.

The soldier coughs a couple times and says something in an unfamilar language. Foster shrugs. And shivers.  :)

As long as the soldier is pretty clearly not a Nazi, Crowfeather will pull out her flask of spring water and try to pour a couple gulps into the soldier's mouth. Then she'll slink back a couple paces to alternate cover, stick her hands in her armpits¹, and look expectantly at the soldier. And shiver with Foster.

¹Well, as close to that gesture as she can approximate without releasing her death grip on her bow. Naturally.

He's tense as you approach, but seeing the flask he understands you want to give him something to drink. As the healing water spreads through him, and stops his gut from bleeding, he looks astounded. He's still in pretty bad shape, you'd guess at least past -4. He struggles to a sitting position and gestures at you while saying something. Then he tries saying something else, finally he says something that Foster understands.

"I think he said 'more?'. He tried the language that the Londoner's use."

You have 99 doses left of the spring water.

Crowfeather will smile sweetly, then points at the rifle. "I want rifle and all bullets." Then she'll arch an eyebrow at Foster. "How I say that?"

Ideally she'll also try to get an idea of where to find some warmer clothes, and where she can find some unsuspecting Nazis to kill/scavenge. But under no circumstances will she hand over her flask. She'll be willing to pour doses out, though, if we can find a cup-like object. She'll also try to avoid threats, because of an innate understanding of how unthreatening she probably is.

Foster tells you what to say. The soldier looks scared, but eventually tosses the rifle a few meters towards you. He says apologetically "No bullets"

Is it possible to determine if he might know where we could get some clothes? Or where the Nazis are? Otherwise, merely not-bleeding-to-death might be as altruistic as Crowfeather gets at this point. But if he might be a guide or at least have useful information, he might be worth keeping in the realm of the conscious.

At this point he notices Foster, who has trying to be sneaky while translating for you. His eyes go wide and he is speachless for a while. But, the dice say he's fairly level-headed, so he continues after a bit. He mentions a factory that is still in operation that may be able to provide some clothes, though he doubts there will be any in your size. Then he thinks of an abandoned school and suggests you go there.

He has no idea where the Nazi's are. There was a brief firefight with them an hour or so ago, which gave him his wound, but it moved further into the city.

By the way, at the moment the city of rubble is so unfamiliar to Crowfeather, she is at -5 to locate. That will slowly get better as she gets used to the surroundings.

After mouthing the translated words of thanks to the soldier, Crowfeather fumbles her way towards the abandoned school - hiding often, and only venturing forth after getting >9 on the locate dice.

Game Night - December 20, 2012 - Not So Quiet On The Eastern Front

Arrowed several Nah-Tzees.

Then started shooting them, too, with a sniper friend who has no languages in common with Crowfeather.

Plot Infliction IX - Stalingrad

Gotta practice to get rid of the negative with the rifle (or enable the bonus with the rifle, either way).


Game Night - January 18, 2013 - Stalking In Stalingrad

Russian guide was sniped by scary sniper. Escaped with a renewed wariness.

Ran afoul of some foul Russians unworthy of stalking.

Catalyzed a mutual slaughter of Nazi's and Russians, then collected the leftover ammunition.

Plot Infliction X - Russian Lady Beckons

I'm not exactly sure how much Crowfeather will listen to the Russian lady, other than to be polite. And, sadly, I can't really recall what she was proposing. Damn senility.

Game Night - January 24, 2013 - Back to Neverland

After helping to heal a couple of Russians, Foster and Crowfeather went back to Neverland through the portal beneath the river.

Making their way down the tunnel of the volcano, they came across a scary hand to hand combatant, who fell to Crowfeather's arrows at range. And well, shortly thereafter, Crowfeather was blugeoned to death by a similar scary hand to hand combatant at the end of the tunnel. So it goes.