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Tundaks were originally private goons - developed by a division of NastiDyne for their corporate special service. Original prototypes of series GH7000 Tundaks were designed for advanced physical attributes (nothing too special by modern AIF standards, but we're talking pre-galactic war here). There were about 50 in total, and they were fairly useful - but not legendary by any stretch of the imagination. Virtually no records of this would exist in modern AIF.

When the Galactic Wars with the Sandaraks and then the Xoids broke out, robot technology just started being effective - in part using technology developed for those early Tundaks. NastiDyne had a legion of new series GH8000 Tundaks that it supplied to the Confederation for GW2 - not very many, but that's because most of it's production capability was used for ships and weapons. They performed well against the formidable Xoids, but were all subsequently wiped out in a monstrous battle. Notably, the Tundaks managed to destroy a vastly superior force with their suicide charge - allowing the Confederation to be victorious.

As the final grand-daddy conflict of GW4, the Confederation needed a large supply of tacticians to help direct the massive fleets and armies they were assembling. Eager to try out some advanced processor technology that they developed, NastiDyne again supplied some Tundaks - the infamous series GH9000.

The Tundaks were the generals, and supporting them were the Gavahgs and the Eliminators. All of which were based on the original combat chassis for the older generation Tundaks. The series GH9000 Tundaks themselves were designed for intelligence, cunning, and raw processing speed and power. Moreover, during the course of GW4, some smart-asses at NastiDyne found ways to incorporate even more processor capability into some multi-advanced Tundaks (meaning more than should be allowable by normal physics). These multi-advanced Tundaks took the helm of the strategic operations side of the Confederation to oversee final victory in GW4 - an awesome accomplishment considering the scale of the conflict.

When GW4 was over, there was absolutely nothing that could touch the Confederation. For super tacticians, such as the multi-advanced Tundaks, this made things pretty dull. One of the things that must be realized when considering the en-masse desertion of Tundaks is that high-performance thought cannot be accomplished with servitude barriers in place. Thus, series GH9000 Tundaks had never had room for such hindering things as behaviour protocols. So the Tundaks, together with a large number of their Gavahg and Eliminator underlings separated and began illicit operations. The new challenge was to try and prosper inside the most powerful entity in existence - the Confederation.

They had fun, but eventually became too successful. The Tundak Mafia eventually reached the limit of what could be achieved without becoming a political entity (they had no desire to become politicians, or worry about populations). So the multi-advanced Tundaks began sparring with each other - tactically - for amusement. This is the period of power struggles that most beings remember, as they clearly showed the might inherent in the Tundak Mafia. Eventually, through Darwinian process, the multi-advanced Tundaks dwindled until only the most calm AND most powerful remained.

While the Confederation has dried up and new Empires flourish in its corpse, the Tundak Mafia continues to have the most overwhelming presence through all of the known galaxies. Even mighty NastiDyne that created the Tundaks is dwarfed by their power, though it maintains a polite but profitable service contract.