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The Husk robot is designed to be a cheap soldier. Their physical and mental attributes are severely lacking, but they excel when simply directed to point and shoot at someone.

Their design is extremely standardized such that different Husk robots are indistinguishable. The cost of the robot is dependant on the weapon it is equiped with. All Husk robots come with a weapon that is pre-fitted to give +5 to hit. Because of the standardization of the robot and weapon, a first stage technician building a Husk will be able to achieve the full bonus to hit for the weapon. A scope is also included on the weapon with targeting of +3 to hit. Husks are imprinted with two minimum stages of Mercenary.

StrengthWeak (1)
SpeedAverage (3)
AgilityLow (2)
Hand to Hand0
IntelligenceSimple (1)
Will Power3
Size50 kg
  • Uses 10 points from the custom being generator
  • Requires 500 units of Dynomer to construct
  • Imprinted with two minimum stages of Mercenary


  • With 2D+4 Laser: 2600
  • With 1Dx10 Laser: 3000